“My current work revolves around the topics of architecture and color. The source of inspiration is the urban landscape and its spatial structure. On discovery tours with my camera, I explored architectural set pieces for my paintings and photographic works.

The architectural photographs often appear mysteriously abstract and do not immediately reveal their origin. I either take the resulting photographs directly in the work cycle or they become part of a painterly debate. I reduce and transfer the image structure on to the canvas with just a few strokes. From this moment on, the architecture ­returns to its beginnings. Only the color painting gives the two-dimensional image the appearance of space. In order, to do this I create an individual composition of the ­highest purity and luminosity, mixing colors from pigments and binders. Nuance for nuance, I approach the sound of color, research the interplay of colors, their interdependency and their spatial effect. If a color does not match or suit in the composition, it is painted over or re­arranged. Sometimes this development process can be read because the layers underneath remain visible.

Composing, correcting, painting over, deleting: in the course of the work, color and form have mutual priority in terms of image content and form. Strictness is followed by momentum, or vice versa. Exact lines contrast with gestural, loosely painted areas. Splashes of paint overlay homogeneous areas of color, liquid paint can enhance its way through concrete shapes. My entire painting process is in this tension. It is an interplay that I pursue to the fullest until the painted image unfolds its visual power and real architecture has become a colored illusion.” 

Sandra Tröger 

2012–2019 Study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Prof. Günther Förg, Matthias Dornfeld, Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt), Degree: M. Arts 2019

1998–2002 Study Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich: Degree in M.A. Design 

Training as a computer graphic designer, training as a lithographer

Member of the Professional Association for Fine Artists (BBK),
Member of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) 

2023 “53. Jahresausstellung”, Kunstverein Landshut, Große Rathausgalerie, Landshut (G)

2023 “Das kleine Format”, Kunstverein Aichach, Am Köglturm (G)

2023 “FROM SPACE TO SPACE II”, Stadtgalerie Alte Feuerwache im Stadtmuseum Amberg (S)

2023 “GOK 2023”, Große Ostbayerische Kunstausstellung des BBK Niederbayern/Oberpfalz, Stadtmuseum Deggendorf (G)

2023 “KUNST AKTUELL”, Kunstverein Rosenheim in der Städtischen Galerie Rosenheim (G)

2023 “FROM SPACE TO SPACE I”, bok Galerie, Bund Offenbacher Künstler, Offenbach/Main (S)

2022 “Das kleine Format”, Kunstverein Aichach, Stadtmuseum Aichach (G)

2022 “52. Jahresausstellung”, Kunstverein Landshut, Große Rathausgalerie, Landshut (G)

2022 “29. Aichacher Kunstpreis”, Kunstverein Aichach im SanDepot, Aichach (G)

2022 “Große Kunstausstellung 2022”, AK68, Galerie im Ganserhaus, Wasserburg (G)

2022 “KUNST AKTUELL”, Kunstverein Rosenheim in der Städtischen Galerie Rosenheim (G)

2021 “Jahresausstellung”, BBK, Passau, (G)

2021 “Sommergaben”, Artothek, Munich, (G)

2020 “Artnews 2 – Sandra Tröger & Young Jun Lee”, Smudajescheck Gallery, Munich, (D)

2020 “Watch your step!”, Kulturmodell Passau, (S)

2019 „Step by Step”, Akademie der Bildenden Künste (AdbK) Munich, (S)

2018 Year Exhibition, Class Gregor Hildebrandt, AdbK Munich, (G) 

2018 „Wir schwimmen alle im gleichen Wasser”, Class Gregor Hildebrandt, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich-Pasing, (G)

2017 Year Exhibition, AdbK München, Class Gregor Hildebrandt, (G)

2016 Year Exhibition, AdbK München, Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt, (G) 

2015 Year Exhibition, AdbK München, Class Günther Förg/Matthias Dornfeld, (G) 

2015 Class Günther Förg/Matthias Dornfeld, Gallery Jahn, Munich, (G) 

2014 Year Exhibition, AdbK Munich, Class Günther Förg, (G)

2013 Year Exhibition, AdbK Munich, Class Günther Förg, (G)

2012 “ENTWEDER…ABER!”, Kultursommertage im Kapuzinerstadl, Deggendorf, (S) 

2011 “FARBSTOFF”, Städtische Galerie, Pfaffenhofen, (S) 

2010 “Querbildein”, Kunstfoyer im Rathaus, Landshut, (S) 

2008 “Ich bin Farbe!”, Alter Schlachthof, Straubing, (S) 

2007 “Wandstücke”, E.ON Bayern AG, Regensburg, (S)

2023 Stadt Amberg

2022 Artothek Munich 

2010 Red Dot Design Award 

2008 Red Dot Design Award